Organic, Freshwater, glorious pearls…

We go straight to the pearl farms on the legendary Yangtze river. We buy pearls by the barrel and pass the savings onto you.

We use sterling silver and/ or rhodium fittings. No lead, no nickel (If we wouldn’t wear it, we won’t sell it!)

Proceeds fund a variety of projects under the Dogs With No Names banner.

Recently we funded two spay neuter clinics for Unidos Para Los Animales, a street dog rescue group in Antigua, Guatemala ran by a Canadian, Linda Green.

Unidos provides free clinics for for underprivileged Guatemalan dog lovers and operates a shelter for street dogs. Our pledge at Pearls 365 is to pay the entire food bill for Unidos this year.

We also continue to support dogs on Canadian reservations. Norway House in northern Manitoba received $5,000 from Dogs With No Names in January. We pledge more support for Norway House through contraceptive interventions and providing vaccination supplies.

We are a social impact company. We are merchants of compassion - transparent and determined. We sell beautiful pearls to help dogs. We also strive to offer care and support for the communities we serve. Thank you for being a part of that.