“Because we love pearls for what they represent, a gift of nature, no two alike, and perfect in their imperfection just like animals with no names. And us.”   Dr. Judith Samson French


Our founder

Dr. Samson-French created Pearls 365, a social impact company, that would help fund worthy dog welfare projects. Beautiful, precious pearls that help animals in need 365 days a year. When wearing one of our pieces, you will know that you are making a difference.

Dr. Judith Samson-French is an experienced veterinary clinician and surgeon. She owns and operates the Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Foothills.

She created Dogs with No Names, a project designed to help deal with humane management of dog populations on reserves and in other remote areas of Canada using contraceptive implants. Dr. JSF has received the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Humane Award in 2013 as well as several other awards for her humanitarian work. She has been endorsed by The Jane Goodall Foundation for her tireless work.

Judith is a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (Carlsbad, California) and Alberta College of Arts & Design. She has successfully designed and marketed jewellery in North America for over fifteen years.

She is also the author of the book ‘Dogs With No Names – In Pursuit of Courage, Hope and Purpose’ … ‘39 Ways To Not Kill Your Best Friend – Tales of Caution For Dog Lovers’ … as well as ‘A Brave Story’

Dr. JSF continues to work as a silent partner with Pearls 365. She is our founder, our guide and our dear friend. More importantly, she continues to be a friend and a tireless advocate to animals in need, especially, Dogs With No Names.

Coleen Gittins


Coleen Gittins is a graduate of the University of Calgary, faculty of Communications.

A former advocate, she worked on behalf of individuals with disabilities to lobby for funding and individual support programs.

Coleen has worked as a technical writer and advocate.

A lifelong horsewoman she has spent tireless hours and money rehabilitating horses who were on their way to the slaughter house.

Coleen and Judith Samson French have been close friends for twenty years. Coleen has volunteered hundreds of hours in fundraising during that time to support Dogs With No Names. She is honoured to take over as director of Pearls 365 to continue the work Dr Judith Samson French began.


Sarah Gittins

Sarah is attending the University of Calgary, working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

A lifelong horsewoman and animal advocate. Sarah has helped with rehabilitating and rehoming countless rescue horses.

As the director of sales, social media and marketing, Sarah works to bring quality fair trade products to our clientele.

Sarah works directly with marketing and directing funds to our animal advocate partners.