Thanks to amazing people like YOU who support us we have been able to:

-Donate over $10,000 to The Jane Goodall Institute from the sale of a dedicated pearl collection. This money went to care for orphaned chimpanzees in Africa.

-Donate over $100,000 in collaboration with Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital to the Dogs With No Names project. The Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital has been an essential ally to Pearls 365, the have helped facilitate the sales of medical goods and services at cost.

-Along side the Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital we have also been able to distribute over 85,000 lbs of pet food for animals under the Dogs With No Names initiative.

-Collaborate with several government agencies and PetSmart Charities who donated $206,000 for the elaboration and actualization of the most comprehensive two-year Dog Population Management Project targeting 6 remote Northern Canada communities providing money for contraceptive implants.

-Donate over $5,000 to The Cochrane Humane Society and The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

-Successfully implement a Dog Population Management project for two Innu Nations (Sheshatshiu and Natuashish).

-With the support of the incomparable Jann Arden, we have brought surgical supplies and funded a full surgical clinic to Unidos Para Los Animales in Antigua, Guatemala.

We are powered by pearls and love.

Thanks you to all of you for supporting us and making all of this possible!