The Guatemala Project


It all started when…

Linda Green, originally from Calgary, picked up a starving, injured dog on the streets of Antigua. Little did she know this would take her on a journey to help thousands of dogs and rally ex pats from Canada and the United States to get involved in what would become an incredible journey.

Working with a team of volunteers and an American vet as well as the local animal hospital in Antigua, Linda and her team would help bring free vaccination and sterilization clinics to thousands and to help educate the local people in regards to animal health and population control.

Dr Judith Samson French and Coleen Gittins (Pearls 365 director) travelled to Guatemala in October 2018 to pay for a full surgical clinic with the proceeds of the year’s pearl sales and with the help of the amazing Jann Arden (international recording artist). This would be the beginning of a partnership of Pearls 365 providing funding for Unidos Para Los Animales.

Pearls 365 has pledged to pay the entire food bill for the Unidos shelter in 2019 and sponsor other surgical clinics to help the dogs and the people of Guatemala.